Some useful info to aid our students in their syllabus training. Further kata videos can be found on Youtube by typing in the respective kata name (e.g Ashiita Sho).

To view each video at Full Screen, click the "Youtube" icon in the bottom right of each video window to access full screen priveledges.

6th Kyu - Yellow Belt
Kata: Ashiita Sho
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5th Kyu - Orange Belt
Kata: Ashiita Ni
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4th Kyu - Green Belt
Kata: Ashiita San
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3rd Kyu - Blue Belt
Kata: Ashiita Yon
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2nd Kyu - Purple Belt
Kata: Ashiita Go
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1st Kyu - Brown Belt
Kata: Ashiita Roku
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1st Dan - Black Belt
Kata: Ashiita Shichi
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2nd Dan - Black Belt
Kata: Ashiita Hachi
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3rd Dan - Black Belt
Kata: Ashiita Ku
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Mrs Joanna McKee, Bodmin

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