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This is a fun, non-combative educational programme; these disciplines help students learn self-reliance, respect and discipline. To discuss any of the programmes, give us a call or send us an email.

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New Members
Our new student offer gives a very special discount because we know that you will want to get a proper taste of what we do. They will receive a welcome pack which probably answers most of your questions.

Whatever the age or experience, you will get 4 lessons for the price of one. What does that mean? We have two ways people can pay for their lessons, they can pay as they train per lesson or they can enrol into a members contract and pay a discounted rate via DD every month. This means that a cub will pay £6 for their first 4 lessons and a junior or senior will pay just £12 for their 4 lessons.
After the first 4 lessons offer most choose to enter a membership contract where a discounted monthly membership fee is paid by direct debit.

We also offer schemes for multiple family discounts plus a fairly priced benevolent scheme, which helps protect our members should they get injured.

As an organisation we try to offer all our members the best value for money. For details of latest prices you should contact Sensei Steve (07886 285995)
Benefits of joining
The efforts we make are just as much an investment as the finances we commit to. It is a simple fact that the best place you can invest in is yourself; the second most effective investment is in your children.

The aim is to help a student of what-ever age to develop goals to help them grow physically, mentally as well as find a new level of confidence so they become better people and discover they have more abilities than they had believed, enabling their life to be more rewarding what-ever they choose to do in their future.
How to join
Drop into your local class (see our classes page) and speak to one of our friendly instructors.

Alternatively you can contact Sensei Steve on 07886 285995 or by email via our contact page)
"My daughter started Ashiita Kai with sensei Steve when she was five and is enjoying working her way up through the grades. She was also delighted to take part in the tournament and being able to win trophies. Both the gradings and the tournaments are organised in such a way that even the youngest can take part without feeling intimidated or pressured. Amber often has trouble maintaining concentration and listening and Ashiita Kai is really helping her to improve this. The discipline within the classes is done in a fun and gentle way building their confidence as well as their skill."
Tamsin Chapman (Parent)

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Regular karate classes in Cornwall run by experienced instructors. Fitness and fun in a social environment. You’ll be put through your paces and see great results . Build confidence, discipline and self control.