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we are the premier karate school in Cornwall

This is a fun and non-combative educational programme; these disciplines help students learn self-reliance, respect and discipline. To discuss any of the programmes, give us a call or send us an email.

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We teach a blend of self-defence, forms work and pad work along with a traditional Japanese syllabus.

The Ashiita-Kai Dojo is open to any and all who wish to train, irrespective of whether they train elsewhere or not. The Sensei’s don't allow "red-tape" and "politics" to get in the way of training, and there is no room for egotism within the Dojo walls, so you'll find no "big-heads" or "show-offs" there.

It is a genuinly friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, and although the respect, discipline and etiquette are still present, the two main rules of the Dojo are;- "Don't overdo it and risk injury" and "Enjoy yourself." On top of this, there is great open-mindedness.

We regularly attend seminars of various styles throughout the year, because you NEVER stop learning.

Everybody has different abilities therefore the techniques we teach are designed to be tried by all, adapted, then adopted by each student to suit their own natural ability and subsequently build their own repertoire of techniques into their own unique arsenal for competitive use. We encourage students to absorb what is useful and discard what they find useless.

Whatever your experience whether you have years of martial arts training under your belt or have never thrown a punch in your life, Ashiita-kai is great way to get fit and learn self defence - everybody is welcome!! Ashiita-kai is the south west's premier freestyle karate school.

We teach proven  techniques designed to suit all comers in a safe, friendly environment. Some of our students train regularly for the competitive aspect but many train to simply get an all round workout.

Sensei Russell Becker
5th Dan Sport Karate / 3rd Dan Traditional Karate
World Forms Champion / World Kumite Champion
British & European Champion
Bristish team Member
Sensei Steve Drage
4th Dan Sport Karate
"I did karate when I was younger, and didn’t progress all that far, likely due to my confidence. When my half sisters started karate themselves locally, as I watched them I thought to myself “I could do this again!” Now as an Orange Belt hoping to progress to Green in February, I still find the lessons great fun and challenging, Steve and Russ are great teachers who promote progression and are technical about their teachings, and students also support others when needed. Ashiita Kai Karate has helped with my fitness, self defence and my confidence!”"
Simon Trebilcock (student)

Start your journey to black belt today!

Regular karate classes in Cornwall run by experienced instructors. Fitness and fun in a social environment. You’ll be put through your paces and see great results . Build confidence, discipline and self control.