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Get fit, have fun and learn to stay safe. Classes across Mid Cornwall, everyone welcome, Ages 4+

There's an ashiita-kai dojo near you!

We run classes throughout the Mid Cornwall area for cubs, kids and adults. Find the class best suited to your schedule and location to get started with your journey to black belt. Ideal for beginners who are just starting out or for those with previous martial arts experience who like a more advanced martial art programme!

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Great Cardio

Each session contains an exciting blend of cardio, pad work, self defence and non combative sparring for an all round workout.

Build Confidence

Our martial arts classes are designed to improve ones ability in defence, focus, determination and all round confidence. We have classes throughout  Cornwall.

Learn Self Defence

Our traditional Japanese syllabus offers a blend of kicks, punches, blocks and self defence all whilst learning traditional language and etiquette.

Safe & Fun

Our instuctors are fully qualified, DBS checked and venues insured. We also run our own students benevolent trust fund scheme as a supplement to our regular students insurance.

Regular Events

In addition to regular gradings, Ashiita-Kai regularly holds fun events, competitions, leader boards to win prizes and earn badges


Gradings are held on a regular basis for students to work towards, progress in ability and character. Students can also earn interim badges and awards.

experienced instructors

Our instructors are highly respected Black Belts in the local community and have been training, teaching and competing for many years.

We teach students from 4 years old upwards and have classes on most days of the week with dojo’s in many different locations. A warm welcome awaits new members both young and old, especially families because this is a sport which really can be enjoyed as a family activity because the benefits of Karate training taught by experience and qualified instructors can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Which class best suits you?

We teach karate in Cornwall to people of all ages and experience levels

Cubs 4-6yrs

Improve pre-school children's basic motor skills whilst learning age appropriate self-defence, building confidence. After school clubs available. Your child can learn martial arts and have a hobby that they’ll enjoy.

Children 7-12yrs

Improve your child’s confidence, physical fitness, concentration and self-discipline. These classes are designed to build confidence, and offer a family friendly learning environment for the local community.

Adults 12+

Regular adult classes run by experienced instructors. Fitness and fun in a social environment. You’ll be put through your paces and see great results . Build confidence, discipline and self control.

Why our students love us

Some wonderful feedback from students and parents

Tamsin Chapman

"My daughter started Ashiita Kai with sensei Steve when she was five and is enjoying working her way up through the grades. She was also delighted to take part in the tournament and being able to win trophies. Both the gradings and the tournaments are organised in such a way that even the youngest can take part without feeling intimidated or pressured. Amber often has trouble maintaining concentration and listening and Ashiita Kai is really helping her to improve this. The discipline within the classes is done in a fun and gentle way building their confidence as well as their skill.."

Lynn Rogers

"Ashita-Kai has been a big part of my daughter's life for the last 6 years. It has increased her confidence, skills and technique due to her commitment to Karate. There have been many opportunities outside the class, she has taken part in numerous tournaments, beach training days and Par carnival as well as making new friends. Now as a Black belt she has started contributing in the growth of Ashita-Kai by helping in assemblies in schools and assisting Sensei Steve in the Truro Cubs class on a Saturday afternoon, which she enjoys and is helping her gain valuable work experience for the future. I would highly recommend Ashita Kai."

Jo Shaw

"My family joined the Ashita Kai family when the children were five and seven. They were having such fun I joined them and we all enjoyed keeping fit and learning physical and self defence skills together. Now nearly 17 and second Dan black belt, my oldest maintains the tradition. The boys learned so much about discipline, self control, determination and self confidence, I recommend it wholeheartedly for every family. Steve and Russell are the nicest teachers one could hope to have, and in addition have become friends."

Simon Trebilcock

"I did karate when I was younger, and didn’t progress all that far, likely due to my confidence. When my half sisters started karate themselves locally, as I watched them I thought to myself “I could do this again!” Now as an Orange Belt hoping to progress to Green in February, I still find the lessons great fun and challenging, Steve and Russ are great teachers who promote progression and are technical about their teachings, and students also support others when needed. Ashiita Kai Karate has helped with my fitness, self defence and my confidence."

Start your journey to black belt today!

Regular karate classes in Cornwall run by experienced instructors. Fitness and fun in a social environment. You’ll be put through your paces and see great results. Build confidence, discipline and self-control.